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100,71 EUR*
Details Sports Media: Transformation, Integration, Consumption (Electronic Media Research)

Sports Media: Transformation, Integration, Consumption (Electronic Media Research)

161,99 EUR*
Details 78-6969-9880-2 Ersatz Lampe für 3M Digital Media System 800 / Digital Media System 810 / Digital Media System 815 / DMS800 / DMS810 / DMS815 / DMS 800 / DMS 810 / DMS 815 / Digital Media System 865 / Digital Media System 878

""Lampenmodul (Leuchtmittel inkl. Käfig) YODN Original nur erhältlich bei ""Verkauf und Versand durch"" Helligkeit und Lebensdauer vergleichbar mit Originallampe Leuchtmittel hergestellt in Taiwan""

181,89 EUR*
Details Leveraging Mobile Media: Cross-Media Strategy and Innovation Policy for Mobile Media Communication (Information Age Economy)

Leveraging Mobile Media Mobile communications and next generation wireless networks emerge as new distribution channels for the media. This development offers exciting new opportunities for media companies: the mobile communication system creates new...

36,39 EUR*
Details The Alternative Media Handbook (Media Practice (Paperback))

The Alternative Media Handbook Outlines the different types of 'alternative media' and offers an overview of global alternative media activity, before moving on to provide information about alternative media production and how to get involved in it,...

37,46 EUR*
Details The Digital Media Handbook (Media Practice (Paperback))

Seiten: 432, Ausgabe: 2 Rev ed., Taschenbuch, Media Practice

182,66 EUR*
Details The Media Economy (Media Management and Economics)

Seiten: 202, Ausgabe: 1, Gebundene Ausgabe, Media Management and Economics

21,95 EUR*
Details Media, Terrorism, and Theory: A Reader (Critical Media Studies: Institutions, Politics, and Culture) (Critical Media Studies (Paperback))

Over the past few years, coverage of terror attacks has featured prominently in numerous media outlets. Drawing on both popular and academic articles, the essays in Media, Terrorism, and Theory: A Reader analyze the larger issues surrounding media's...

31,20 EUR*
Details Media Education Goes to School: Young People Make Meaning of Media and Urban Education (Minding the Media)

Seiten: 232, Ausgabe: 1st New edition, Taschenbuch, Peter Lang Publishing Inc. New York

36,39 EUR*
Details Popular Media, Democracy and Development in Africa (Internationalizing Media Studies)

Popular Media, Democracy and Development in Africa Popular Media, Democracy and Development in Africa examines the role that popular media could play to encourage political debate, provide information for development, or critique the very definitions...

42,99 EUR*
Details Understanding Global Media

""Understanding Global Media ""Understanding Global Media"" offers a comprehensive overview of global media production and circulation, drawing insight from a range of perspectives, including politics, political economy, media and cultural studies, and...

57,32 EUR*
Details F & W Media David and Charles Books, Cross Stitch Greeting Cards by F&W Media

F & W Media David and Charles Books, Cross Stitch Greeting Cards by F&W Media

20,21 EUR*
Details Media Rights and Intellectual Property (Media Topics)

This critical study of intellectual property in the new media environment highlights the ways in which issues of intellectual property are driving the contemporary media economy, from disputes over downloading music from the Internet to negotiations...

18,18 EUR*
Details Media: The Social Media Series #4-6

Seiten: 408, Taschenbuch, Science Future Press

20,19 EUR*
Details Mass Media 01/02 (Mass Media, 2001-2002)

Seiten: 240, Ausgabe: 8th, Taschenbuch, McGraw-Hill Inc.,US

25,99 EUR*
Details Women, Feminism and Media (Media Topics)

Seiten: 176, Taschenbuch, Edinburgh University Press

42,89 EUR*
Details Media and the Moral Mind (Electronic Media Research)

Seiten: 252, Ausgabe: Reprint, Taschenbuch, Routledge

19,95 EUR*
Details The Media Globe: Trends in International Mass Media

Seiten: 186, Taschenbuch, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

9,01 EUR*
Details Dina Wakley Media Board gemischt Pack

Dina Wakley Media-Board Mixed Pack. This Media Board Is The Ideal Mixed Media Surface To Create On. Use With Paints, Mediums, Gesso, Stamps, Stencils And Texture Paste. This Package Contains Two 3X3 Inch Media Boards, Two 6X4 Inch Media Boards And Two...

86,80 EUR*
Details Media Now: Understanding Media, Culture, and Technology

Seiten: 610, Ausgabe: 9 Pck Unbn, CD-ROM, Wadsworth Pub Co

36,39 EUR*
Details New Media Language

New Media Language From newspapers and television to email, the internet and text messaging, there are ever increasing media conduits for the news. Bringing media figures and scholars to debate the shifting relations between today's media and...

77,16 EUR*
Details Digital Media Worlds: The New Economy of Media

Seiten: 221, Ausgabe: 1st ed. 2014, Taschenbuch, Palgrave Macmillan

29,90 EUR*
Details Media Literacies

Media Literacies Media Literacies: A Critical Introduction traces the history of media literacy and grapples with the fresh challenges posed by the convergent media of the 21st century. The book provides a much-needed guide to what it means to be...

39,75 EUR*
Details Media/Impact: An Introduction to Mass Media (Académique)

Seiten: 428, Ausgabe: 4th, Taschenbuch, Wadsworth Publishing Co Inc

32,00 EUR*
Details Making Media Studies: The Creativity Turn in Media and Communications Studies (Digital Formations)

In 'Making Media Studies', David Gauntlett turns media and communications studies on its head. He proposes a vision of media studies based around doing and making - not about the acquisition of skills, as such, but an experience of building knowledge...

17,37 EUR*
Details Quick Win Social Media Marketing: Answers to Your Top 100 Social Media Marketing Questions

Quick Win Social Media Marketing QUICK WIN SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING is aimed at busy marketing professionals with a traditional background, needing to gain a quick overview into social media for their business. It's also a useful primer for those...

6,72 EUR*
Details New Honeycomb Bio Balls for Aquarium Fish Tank Pond Filter Media in Bag

Filter media for aquarium filtration The bio balls provide biological filtration, removing toxic ammonia and nitrite Each filter media is pre-packed in its own mesh media bag Media bags allow the precise placement of media and ensure granular media...

25,49 EUR*
Details Asian Americans and the Media (MM - Media and Minorities)

Seiten: 216, Ausgabe: New., Taschenbuch, Blackwell Publ

18,53 EUR*
Details New Media Habits: A Fundamental Guide to Social Media

Seiten: 96, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

56,88 EUR*
Details Understanding Media Industries

""This is an introduction to the media industries, a topic that sometimes has its own course but is also incorporated into courses on media criticism, media literacy, and even a basic mass media course where the instructor wishes to teach from topical...

32,63 EUR*
Details Media Organization and Production (The Media in Focus Series)

Seiten: 214, Ausgabe: New edition, Taschenbuch, SAGE Publications Ltd